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PumpX FitPartner™ Program

Passive income opportunity for fitness coaches.

Are you a fitness coach looking to turn your passion for fitness into a profitable venture? Look no further!

PumpX FitPartner program is designed to help fitness coaches like you monetize your workout plans and reach worldwide audience.

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What is it?

What is the FitPartner™ Program?

Fitness coaches can use the PumpX platform to post their workout plans in their preferred language, set their own prices for monthly and yearly subscriptions and earn money on the platform.
PumpX is taking a fixed commission from sales.

Monetize your experience

You Set Your Own Prices

Elevate your reputation as a top fitness coach. With PumpX, you can build your brand and showcase your skills.

You set your own prices for the subscriptions. PumpX is taking 20% fixed commission on sales.

New FitPartners enjoy the first 3 months commission-free.

Focus on what you do best – creating remarkable workout plans – while PumpX handles the rest.

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Chats and 1-on-1 calls

Communicate with Your Users

You will be able to communicate with your customers.

PumpX provides the ability for users to ask questions to their coach and book 1-on-1 video consultations for a separate price that you can set as well.

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Monthly Earnings Reports

The PumpX team will provide you with a detailed monthly report of your earnings for easy and accurate record-keeping.

You can rest assured that you’ll receive your earnings safely and promptly.

Join PumpX as a fitness coach and turn your workout plans into a steady source of income. Passive income will enhance your personal trainer job.

― How to get started in the program

Contact with us

After you send us your contacts we will start by scheduling a meeting to discuss all the program details and address any questions you may have. Then we sign the official contract and start working together!

― Content preparation

Workout plans preparation

The next step is to record the videos, one video for each day in your plan. For example, you want to create a 3 days a week plan.
For such a plan, you would need to create 4 videos, one video for each day plus a preview video. Each video in the plan should show your explanations of how to execute exercises and directions for the users in general.
The preview video will be free and will be shown to all users.

― Launch

Let’s start selling

Once everything is established, all videos and information are provided we add them to the app. You set subscription prices (monthly and yearly). And then we launch your plan in the PumpX app.

For the first month, we place your plan in the featured block on the app home page so that everybody see it. We also send out an email to all users notifying them about the new workout plan and we post in our social media about you and your plan. Potentially it can be your main personal trainer job.
Our user base is always on the lookout for fresh, effective workout routines.

Have a question?

Completely safe and reliable

Before we start working together we sign an official contract with all conditions and legal terms specified.
We are both interested in your success, the more sales you will do the more commission we will get, so it’s a win-win situation.

You will need to prepare workout videos, the name of the plan, messages from you to the users, and text instructions for the users with a number of sets and reps. We will explain details on the call.

Every month we will be sending a detailed report from Apple of how many users bought your subscriptions and how much they paid. And of course, we will be sending your monthly payment which depends on how many plans users bought this month.

Think about it as a personal trainer job with a monthly salary.

Let us know what changes you need and we will make it on the app backend, no app update will be required.

Now it’s time for marketing, start promoting your plan among your social media followers, and be there in your plan’s chat for your users to answer their questions, we all want them to continue paying for subscriptions 🙂

Let’s get started!


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