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Yoel Romero’s Workout Routine – Achieve Yoel’s Physique!

yoel romero's workout routine post physique on stage

Welcome to Yoel Romero’s Strength Workout Routine, where we detail His workout and methods! Check out our highlighted workouts:

About Yoel Romero’s Program

Yoel follows a 3-day split routine, focusing on Shoulder, Back, Chest, Cardio

Day 1: Lower Body and Power

Single Leg Box Step Ups210Good for hip/glute drive for takedown defense
Resisted Sprints (Band or Weighted Vest)415 seconds each 
Weighted Jumps (Dumbbells)38 
Medicine Ball Slams28 
Medicine Ball Lateral Throws38 

Day 2: Rest

Day 3: Upper Body and Strength

Power Cleans (or variation)55Explosive Shrugs from the floor or high pulls are similar & require less technique
Barbell Push Press46 
Sumo Deadlifts310Good for strength & flexibility
Cable Punches – Cross2102 sets on each arm. Use a light weight that doesn’t alter mechanics of the punch
Cable Punches – Uppercuts2101 set on each arm
Hindu Press Ups3Max repsGood for strength & flexibility
Jumping Lunges35 reps on each leg 

Day 4: Rest

Day 5: Technical and Explosive Strength

Olympic Ring Muscle Ups38Technical movement. Requires coaching & supervision
HandStand Presses3Max 
Explosive Chin Ups36Control the descent & explode upwards.
Shoulder Bridge Presses38Be careful, bad for back injuries

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What To Expect From Yoel Romero’s Program

This program is all about getting strong and fast, just like Yoel Romero. You’ll do lots of hard exercises that make you powerful and quick. It’s for anyone who wants to train hard and get better.

You’ll push yourself with workouts that make your whole body stronger and more explosive. It’s tough, but it’s how Yoel trains to be one of the best fighters.

Get ready to work hard and see big changes. You’ll train like a top athlete and learn what it takes to be really strong and fit.

Common Questions

What does Yoel Romero’s workout routine look like?

Yoel Romero’s workout routine typically involves a mix of wrestling, striking, strength, conditioning, and flexibility training. His sessions are known for their intensity and variety, aimed at maintaining peak physical condition and combat readiness.

How many reps and sets does Yoel Romero do?

Sets with reps ranging from 5 to 15, focusing on power and explosiveness.

What kind of strength exercises does Yoel Romero do?

Compound movements (squats, deadlifts, bench presses), Olympic lifts, plyometrics, explosive bodyweight exercises.

How often does Yoel Romero train in a week?

Yoel Romero trains 3 days a week doing lower, upper, and accessory movements focusing on strength and explosive power

Does Yoel Romero Do Cardio

Yes, Yoel Romero does many forms of sprinting for his cardio routine such as weighted sprints or parachute sprinting


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