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How To Superset Shoulders – Simple & Easy Guide

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Unfortunately, Many gym-goers fail to adequately engage their shoulder muscles for optimal growth. But Before I teach you how to superset shoulders for maximum gains, we should go over some shoulder anatomy!

The issue often lies not in genetics, but in the approach to training. Understanding the anatomy of the shoulders is crucial for optimal growth.

The shoulder comprises the deltoid muscle, a rounded, triangular muscle connected to the upper arm.

The Three Shoulder Heads

shoulder anatomy for superset shoulders and max growth

This is evident as many individuals exhibit a prominently developed front delt.

Such development occurs due to the significant stress placed on the front delt during pushing exercises like bench presses and shoulder presses.

To achieve balanced shoulder development, a focused shoulders superset should target not just the anterior, but also the lateral and posterior deltoid heads.

To have a well-balanced shoulder, we need to train all 3 head

The Superset Shoulders Workout For All 3 Heads

person doing shoulder press

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder press (3 Sets of 12 Reps) – Beginning your exercise regimen with a compound movement is essential, focusing mainly on the deltoid and secondarily on the triceps and upper chest.

Contrary to what is said, the medial (side) delt receives less stimulation compared to the anterior (front) delt.

person doing lateral raises

Seated bent over rear delt flies (3 sets of 8–12 reps) – Isolation movement, the primary focus is your posterior(Rear) delt with the secondary focus on your trapezius.

I like to limit the trapezius and really isolate the rear delt by not bring the dumbbell all the way up and squeezing on the rear delt.

This is an often overlooked movement and should definitely be in your training program. I also add cable crossovers to further emphasize the rear delt

person doing rear delt flies

That is how you train your shoulders for a balanced physique and proportionate mass.

The shoulder is actually a large muscle group,

if you want them to grow you really need to squeeze and contract the muscle.Now you probably wondering, hey I do all these exercises and my shoulders still suck

Which brings me to…The mistakes

Drop the weight and follow these tweaks below for great results.

Shoulder Press Mistakes

When you’re doing the shoulder press, it’s crucial to get it right for those killer gains. Make sure the dumbbells sit comfortably in your palms, aligned with your elbows. Here’s a pro tip: don’t fully extend your arms at the top. This keeps the tension where we want it – on those deltoids. As you bring the weights down, stop when they’re level with your mouth, then power them up again. Remember, it’s all about control, not just hoisting weights up and down.

Raises: This part is vital. You’ve got to initiate every raise from your elbows. I know it’s tempting to go heavy, but trust me, lighter is better here. It’s not about showing off with big weights but working those muscles correctly.

Lateral Raises Mistakes

Here’s where you can really sculpt those shoulders. Keep a slight bend in your elbows and always think ‘elbows first’ when lifting. If you find yourself using your traps to lift the weight, it’s a clear sign to drop the weight a bit. We’re targeting shoulders here, not traps!

Rear Delt Flies Mistakes

This exercise is a game changer for the often-neglected rear delts. Sit down, lean forward, and imagine pushing your shoulders down to the ground. This positioning is key. Lift with your elbows and feel that burn in the rear delts. Don’t worry about lifting the weights too high; focus on feeling it in the right muscles. Control is everything.

Remember, folks, it’s not about how much you lift, but how you lift. We’re sculpting a masterpiece here, and every rep counts. Keep it controlled, focused, and consistent, and you’ll be amazed at the transformation in your shoulders!

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