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Sean Strickland’s Workout Routine – Achieve Sean’s Physique!

Sean Strickland's workout routine physique

Welcome to Sean Strickland’s workout routine where we will get into details of his workout routine from

Sean’s workout routine

Sean’s workout routine focus on all parts of the body working out 5 times a week with 2 days as Rest Day

Monday Arm workouts

Hammer curl3 sets8 Reps each set
Bicep curl3 setsTill failure
Over head press2 sets8 Reps each set
Triceps pushdown3 setsTill failure
Push ups3 setsTill failure

Tuesday Leg workout

Dead lift3 sets7 Reps each set
Squat with weights3 sets8 Reps each set
Leg extensions with Machine3 setsTill failure
Leg Press2 sets12 Reps each set
Sean Strickland's leg muscle

Thursday Back Day

Dips3 setsTill failure
Pull ups3 setsTill failure
Dumbbell Rows3 sets9 Reps each set
Dumbbell Shrugs2 sets12 Reps each set

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Friday Cardio

Exercise SetsReps
Running1 set5 miles
Boxing3 sets10 minutes of intense punching
Burpee3 sets8 Reps each set
Jumping Jacks3 setsTill failure
Sean's Boxing routine progress

Saturday Chest workout

Exercise SetsReps
Bench press3 sets10 Reps per set
Dumbbell fly3 sets8 Reps per set
Dumbbell Press3 sets10 Reps per set
Cable crossover3 sets8 Reps per set

Rest Days

Rest days are important so in Sean Strickland’s workout routine he takes Wednesday and Sunday off and stretches to prevent injuries

What To Expect From Sean Strickland’s Program

The 5-day-a-week Total Body Transformation program is an exceptionally comprehensive and well-structured fitness plan that caters to individuals of all fitness levels.

From the outset, the program demystifies the journey towards personal health and fitness goals with its clear, day-by-day guidance.

Each phase of the program is meticulously designed to progressively increase in intensity, ensuring that participants continuously challenge their physical limits while minimizing the risk of injury.

The inclusion of both strength training and cardio components creates a well-rounded routine that promotes overall fitness and body composition improvement.

Overall, this workout program stands out for its holistic approach to fitness, and physical training guidance to facilitate true transformation

Common Questions

What does Sean Strickland’s workout routine look like?

Sean Strickland’s workout routine typically involves a mix of boxing, lifting, and upper body strength workouts. His sessions are intense but come with variety, aimed at maintaining peak physical condition and keep you away from boredom

How much Reps are each set?

Sean focuses on maximum progress going at least 7 reps each set with some till failure

Can I follow Sean’s workout routin?

Yes Sean’s workout routine is aimed towards everyone no matter where they are in the fitness journey

How often does Sean Train a week?

Sean Trains 5 times a week with other 2 days as a rest day this prevents injury and maximizing his progress

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2 months ago

It’s incredible how dedicated and hardworking he is! Achieving that kind of physique takes immense commitment, from rigorous daily workouts to intense sparring sessions, all while maintaining a strict and healthy diet. It’s admirable how he pushes himself to the limit and never gives up on his goals. And yes, the transformation might have been challenging, but it’s a testament to his determination and resilience. Great job on highlighting his journey!

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