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Scott Mathison’s Workout Routine – Achieve Sean’s Physique

Scottt mathison's physique

Welcome to Scott Mathison’s Workout Routine, where we detail his workout and methods! Check out our highlighted workouts:

  • Scott Mathison’s Arm Workout
  • Scott Mathison’s Chest Workout
  • Scott Mathison’s Abs Workout
  • Scott Mathison’s Cardio Workout

Mathison follows a 4-day split routine, focusing on Arms, Chest, Abs, and cardio with other 3 days as recovery day

Scott Mathison’s Arm Workout

Hammer Curl3 sets12 reps per set
EZ bar curls2 sets10 reps per set
Barbell curls3 sets8-10 reps per set
Pull ups5 setsReps until failure
Scott mathsion doing pull ups for his workout routine

Scott Mathison’s Chest Workout

Push ups3 sets15 reps each set
Bench press3 sets10-12 reps each set
Chest dips3 sets10-12 reps each set
Scott mathison doing push ups

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Scott Mathison’s Abs Workout

Plank3 sets30 seconds each set
Russian twist3 sets20 reps per set
Crunches3 sets15 reps per set
Scott mathison's abs

Scott Mathison’s Cardio Workout

Jogging1 set30 minutes of jogging
Sprinting3 sets400 meter sprints
Scott mathison spriniting as used in his workout

What To Expect From This Program

Get ready for a high intensity workout if you are looking to follow Scott Mathison’s workout routine as it is a meticulously crafted program that stands as a milestone once completed.

It spans key areas—arms, chest, abs, and cardio—ensuring it leaves no muscle group behind in the pursuit of a balanced and robust physique.

This regimen thoughtfully goes beyond mere muscle building; it deeply enhances muscular endurance and overall strength while significantly emphasizing cardiovascular health. This workout is all about consistency and pushing through

Scott mathison's curling dumbbells

Common Questions

How does Scott Mathison manage recovery?

Scott Mathison during times where he is not working out stretches parts of his body as much as possible. While working out and when not he also makes sure to drink tons of water and eat a balance diet of protein and vitamins

How long does it to see progression?

The intensity of Scott Mathison’s workout allows you to see progress within a month of time if you are fully committed. Progress can also vary depending on the diet outside of workouts

Can beginners follow this workout?

Yes Scott’s workout is made for people in all different parts of fitness

Does Scott Mathison’s workout routine require the gym?

Scott Mathison’s workouts are totally fine without going to the gym as it focus mainly on just dumbbells

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