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Sam Sulek’s Workout Routine – Achieve Sam’s Physique!

Sam sulek workout routine posing

About Sam Sulek’s Program

Sam follows a four-day split routine, focusing on Chest (with shoulders), Back, Legs, and Arms, with calves every other day, rotating regularly without rest days.

Why no rest days? He believes that by the time he’s ready to work the same muscle group again, they are fully recovered and re-energized, making it ready for the next workout session.

Sam Sulek’s workout focuses on doing every set until almost failing or completely failing, adding extra partial moves to make the set longer.

It’s about working out each body part once a week, pushing it so hard that you almost can’t move it after. Sam-Sulek-Workout-Spreadsheet

Sam Sulek’s Chest Workout (Including Shoulders)

Incline Barbell Bench Press(2 warm-up sets) + 4-8 sets till failure8-12 rep range (till failure)
Chest Press2 Sets till failure8-12 rep range (till failure)
Pec Deck2 Drop Set till failure12-15 rep range (till failure)
Cable Flies2 Sets till failureAMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible)
Dumbbell Reverse Fly8 Sets till failure12-15 rep range with partials (till failure)
Lateral Raises11 sets till failure15-20 rep range with partials (till failure)

Sam Sulek’s Arm Workout

Straight-Bar Triceps Pushdown/Extension2 sets till failure12-15 reps (till failure)
Tricep Overhead Press3 heavy set to failure12-15 reps with partials (till failure)
Cross Cable Tricep Extensions3 sets to failure12-15 reps with partials (till failure)
Standing Dumbbell Curl 3 heavy sets to failure8-12 reps (till failure)
Seated Bicep Curl3 sets to failure8-12 reps (squeeze, till failure)
EZ Barbell Curl 3 sets to failure8-12 reps (squeeze, till failure)
Dumbbell Preacher Curl3 sets to failure8-12 reps (squeeze, till failure)

Sam Sulek’s Back Workout

Wide Grip Rows3 heavy sets8-12 reps with partials (till failure)
Lat Pull Downs3 heavy sets8-10 reps with partials (till failure)
Single Arm Row Machine3 heavy sets8-10 reps with partials (till failure)
T Bar Rows2 sets10 reps with partials (till failure)
Standing Single Arm Cable Rows2 sets10-12 reps with partials (till failure)
Single Arm Cable Pullover2 Sets10-12 reps with partials (till failure)
Lat Pull Downs (Yes, Again)1 setAMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible)
Pull Down/Row Variant Exercise1 set8-10 reps (till failure)

Sam Sulek’s Leg Workout

Seated Leg Hamstriang Curl1 warm up + 8 working sets15-30 reps for warm up. 12-15 reps for working sets with partials
Laying Down Hamstring Curl8 Sets8-12 rep range with partials (till failure)
Cable RDL’s3 Heavy Sets8-12 rep range with partials (till failure)
Heel Elevated Narrow-Stance Barbell Squat4 Sets till failure8-12 rep range (till failure)
Quad Extensions (Leg Extensions)10 Sets till failure8-15 rep range (till failure)

What To Expect From Sam’s Workout Program

part of sam suleks workout routine was swimming

Sam Sulek’s workout plan is all about hitting the gym every day with a rotating 4-day split as Sam believes that while he works one muscle group, the rest are recovering.

This daily grind is possible because of his enhanced recovery, thanks to PEDs(Performance Enhancing Drugs).

While it’s super effective for Sam, it’s key to remember what works for him might not fit everyone. Always tune into what your body can handle.

Nonetheless, Sam Sulek’s workout program is well-constructed if you want to build serious muscle mass, especially the legs, thanks to its focus on warm-ups and training intensity where you push past muscular failure with partial reps

As you stick with the program, you might start to see some impressive changes in your physique, getting closer to that physique of Sam Sulek’s!

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Sam Sulek’s Questionable Diet

Sam Sulek eating food for his diet

Sam Sulek’s diet is as intriguing as it is unique, straddling the line between unconventional and downright daring.

Starting his day with chocolate milk, Sam lays a nutritious foundation, quickly followed by a carb-rich (and sugar rich) bowl of cereal pre-workout for that essential burst of energy.

After taxing his muscles, he replenishes with a protein shake, crucial for recovery and growth.

Then, Sam takes a trip Five Guys for his fourth meal—a decision that raises eyebrows yet meets his caloric and protein needs.

The finale? A decadent dive into Krispy Kreme Donuts and a generous helping of milk, a sweet end to a day of dietary contrasts.

This approach, while it may work for Sam Sulek, creates a broader conversation about balancing immediate fitness goals with long-term health.

While it might meet the immediate energy demands for intense workouts, it’s a far cry from what’s considered healthy or sustainable.

Sam’s diet can lead to potential health risks and doesn’t provide the wide range of nutrients needed for optimal body function and recovery.

It’s a classic case of short-term gain versus long-term health, emphasizing the need for a more balanced approach to nutrition.

Common Questions About Sam Sulek

picture of sam sulek after leg workout pose

Where Does Sam Sulek Workout? What Gym Does Sam Sulek Train At?

Planet Fitness is a popular choice among many gym-goers, including those like Sam Sulek who focus on muscle building.

How long are Sam Suleks workouts?

Sam Sulek’s workouts usually last from 1-2 hours for a given muscle muscle group. Sam’s quad workout’s typically last an hour with the amount of sets he does. If you combined that with his hamstrings workout, it should last 3 hours.

What exercises are in Sam Sulek’s chest routine?

Includes Incline Smith Machine Press, Cable Chest Fly, and Pec Deck for comprehensive chest development.

What is Sam Sulek’s Cycle?

Given the components of the Sam Sulek’s workout — 30g creatine, 50g dextrose, and especially the 75g Advil (ibuprofen) — there are indeed significant health implications to consider.

How effective is Sam Sulek’s workout and diet?

Incorporating his high-volume training and varied diet can significantly benefit your own fitness journey.

How Many Reps Does Sam Sulek Do?

Sam Sulek typically performs 8-12 reps per set until muscle failure, which is a common approach to maximize muscle growth and strength gains

Does Sam Sulek go to the gym everyday?

Sam Sulek hits the gym every day, firmly believing in giving his muscles just enough time to bounce back. He believes that by the time he’s ready to work the same muscles again, they’ve fully healed and are stronger than ever.

What cardio machine does Sam Sulek use? How much cardio does sam sulek do?

Sam Sulek primarily uses a seated bike for his daily cardio workouts, aiming to burn around 300 to 400 calories in a 30-minute session.

What time does Sam Sulek workout

Sam Sulek opts for afternoon or evening workouts, feeling that mornings don’t offer optimal readiness for exercise. He believes physical performance is better later in the day.

How long does Sam Sulek Rest between sets?

Sam Sulek does not have a fixed time on how much he rests. Sam rests based on how relatively recovered he feels after his working set.

How to get Sam Sulek’s physique? (TLDR)

Sam Sulek’s workout includes doing each set until you almost can’t anymore or can’t at all, plus adding a few partials to really shut down the muscle for true muscular failure.

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