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Alan Ritchson – Reacher’s Workout Routine – Achieve Reacher’s Physique!

Post physique of Reacher's Workout Routine aka alan ritchson

Welcome to Alan Ritchson (Reacher)’s Muscle-Building Workout Routine, where we detail His workout and methods! Reacher follows a 3-day split routine, focusing on Chest, Shoulders, Back, Legs. Check out our highlighted workouts:

  • Alan Ritchson Reacher’s Muscle-Building Chest Workout
  • Alan Ritchson Reacher’s Muscle-Building Shoulders Workout
  • Alan Ritchson Reacher’s Muscle-Building Back Workout
  • Alan Ritchson Reacher’s Muscle-Building Legs Workout

Alan’s Chest & Back Workout

Push-ups4 sets12 reps
Pull-ups4 sets12 reps
Bench press4 sets12 reps
Cable flys4 sets12 reps
Dips4 sets12 reps
Lat pulldowns4 sets12 reps
Barbell rows4 sets12 reps
Cable rows4 sets12 reps

Alan’s Arms & Abs Workout

Tricep pushdowns4 sets20 reps
Overhead tricep extension4 sets20 reps
Hammer curls4 sets20 reps
Skull crushers4 sets20 reps
EZ bar curls4 sets20 reps
Dips4 sets20 reps
Sit ups4 sets15-20 reps
Press ups4 sets15-20 reps
Bicycle crunches4 sets15-20 reps
Russian twists4 sets15-20 reps

Alan’s Lower Body Workout

Deadlifts3 sets12-15 reps
Sumo squat3 sets12-15 reps
Hack squat3 sets12-15 reps
Walking lunge3 sets12-15 reps
Leg extension3 sets12-15 reps
Leg curl3 sets12-15 reps

What To Expect From This Program

alan ritchson physique post of workout program

Reacher’s Workout Routine is straightforward and explosive, geared towards sculpting a superhero physique. Kick off with intense exercises like Deadlifts and Push-ups to forge a solid chest and powerful legs. Get into the world of triceps pushdowns and hammer curls for arms that command attention.

Designed for anyone ready to put in the work, this routine follows a balanced split of push, pull, and legs. It’s set to push your limits, ensuring every muscle fiber gets its moment to shine. Increase the weight, nail the reps, and witness your body transform.

Adopt the mindset of a champion. Alan’s plan isn’t just about looking good; it’s about building undeniable strength and unmatched endurance. If you’ve ever dreamt of looking like a star with a physique that turns heads, this is your path. Get ready to live the dream and build a body that’s nothing short of extraordinary.

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Common Questions

How does Alan Ritchson train for Reacher?

Alan trains with a mix of weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, and cardio, focusing on strength, agility, and muscle mass.

What’s in Alan Ritchson’s diet?

He sticks to lean proteins, complex carbs, and lots of veggies, with a disciplined diet high in calories for muscle gain.

How many days a week does Alan Ritchson work out?

Alan trains five days a week, incorporating different muscle groups each day, with rest days for recovery.

Does Alan Ritchson do cardio?

Yes, he includes cardio in his routine, favoring runs and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for endurance and leanness.

Can I achieve a physique like Alan Ritchson’s?

With dedication to a similar workout regimen, a strict diet, and consistent effort, achieving a physique like his is possible.

How many sets does Alan Ritchson do?

Alan Ritchson typically does 3 to 4 sets for each exercise, focusing on intensity and form to maximize muscle growth and strength.

What rep range does Alan Ritchson follow?

His rep range varies between 12 to 20 for most exercises, aiming to blend muscle endurance with strength building.

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