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Noel Deyzel’s Workout Routine – Achieve Noel’s Physique!

Noel's physique

Welcome to Noel Deyzel’s workout routine here we will walk through the exercises and methods that got him this physique

About Noel’s Workout

Noel’s workout is 5 days a week with Wednesday and Saturday as rest day

Focusing on Back and Biceps, Chest and Calves, Hamstrings and Glutes, Shoulder and Triceps, and Quads and Glutes

Noel’s Back and Biceps workout

ExercisesSets Reps
Lat pull down with Cable Row4 Sets10 Reps each set
Barbell Dead Lift4 sets10 Reps each set
Cable/Barbell Row6 sets10 Reps each set
Barbell Curls6 sets10 Reps each set
Dumbbell Curls4 sets15 Reps each set

Noel’s Chest and Calves workout

Exercises SetsReps
Dumbbell Bench Press4 sets12-20 Reps each set
Cable Crossover5 sets12-16 Reps each set
Incline Barbell Bench Press3 sets30 Reps each set
Machine Chest Press4 sets8 Reps each set
Incline Pushups2 setsTill Failure
Noel's Physique after years of his own workout routine

Noel’s Hamstrings and Glutes workout

Exercises SetsReps
Barbell Back Squat4 sets20 Reps each set
Walking Lunges4 sets20 Reps each set
Hip Thrust4 sets12 Reps each set
Glute Cable Kickbacks4 sets12 Reps each set

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Noel’s Shoulders and Triceps workout

Dumbbell Lateral Raise5 sets10 Reps each set
Barbell Overhead Press4 sets8 Reps each set
Face Pull4 setsReps each set
Dumbbell Shoulder Press4 sets10 Reps each set
Noel Deyzel's Workout Routine Gains

Noel’s Quads and Glutes workout

Barbell Back Squat5 sets8 Reps each set
Leg Press4 sets10 Reps each set
Hack Squat4 sets12 Reps each set
Wall Sit4 sets1 minutes each

What To Expect From Noel Deyzel’s Program

Noel’s plan is a groundbreaking path in getting fit, made to shape muscles and boost overall sports ability.

This plan, is made for those really wanting to improve their fitness level,

Including a balanced routine of push, pull, and leg exercises for body growth. Its step-by-step method is designed to keep pushing your boundaries, making sure your muscles keep growing and you stay strong over time.

Taking on Noel’s complete fitness belief, this routine mixes hard training with needed rest, putting you on a track to reach beyond your fitness aims, motivated by one of the most committed figures in the fitness scene.

Common Questions

How often does Noel workout?

Noel works out 5 times a week with 2 days of rest maximizing Progress and avoiding injuries

How long will it take to show progress?

Noel Deyzel’s workout routine is very intense and signs of progress should show within 8 weeks

Can I do Noel’s workout?

Yes everyone can do Noel’s workout but determine number of sets that will work best for you

Do I need rest days?

Yes rest days are extremely important for working out it can prevent injuries and help you energize for next workout

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