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Ian Barseagle’s Calisthenics Workout Routine – Achieve Ian’s Physique

Ian Barseagle's Calisthenics Workout before and after physiques

Welcome to Ian Barseagle’s Calisthenics Workout Routine, where we detail His workout and methods! Check out our highlighted workouts:

  • Ian Barseagle’s Chest Workout
  • Ian Barseagle’s Shoulder Workout
  • Ian Barseagle’s Back Workout
  • Ian Barseagle’s Legs Workout

Ian follows a 4-day split routine, focusing on Chest, Shoulder, Back, Legs

Ian’s Upper Body Workout

Muscle-Up5 sets5-8 reps
Front Lever Raises4 sets5-10 reps
Planche Push-Ups3 sets5-8 reps

Ian’s Core Workout

Dragon Flags4 sets6-10 reps
Hanging Leg Raises5 sets10-15 reps
L-Sit Hold4 sets20-30 seconds

Ian’s Leg Workout

Pistol Squats4 Sets8-12 reps per leg
Box Jumps3 Sets10-15 reps
Nordic Hamstring Curls4 Sets6-10 reps

What To Expect From This Program

Ian Barseagle’s Calisthenics Workout is an advanced calisthenics regimen, designed for those who are looking to push their limits and excel in bodyweight mastery.

Starting with complex movements such as the planche and front lever, the program emphasizes the importance of strength, stability, and precision, reflecting Ian’s exceptional skillset.

This program is specifically crafted for individuals with a solid foundation in calisthenics, aiming to transition into high-level skills that require not only physical strength but also a deep understanding of body mechanics.

The progression is meticulously structured to challenge you to enhance your control over gravity-defying moves, ensuring a steady path toward achieving elite calisthenics capabilities.

Common Questions

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How many reps does Ian Barseagle do?

In advanced calisthenics routines like the one Ian Barseagle might follow, reps can vary significantly depending on the exercise and the training focus. For strength-building exercises such as planche or front lever progressions, the reps might be lower (around 3-8) to maintain high intensity and focus on form. For endurance or hypertrophy, reps could be higher (8-15 or more).

How many sets does Ian Barseagle do?

The number of sets in an advanced calisthenics routine also varies by exercise and goal. A common approach for strength and skill work is 3-5 sets, allowing for adequate stimulus while managing fatigue. Endurance-focused sessions might have more sets, especially if the exercise is less technically demanding.

How much rest does Ian Barseagle take?

Rest periods are crucial for recovery, especially in a routine focused on strength and skill development. For high-intensity exercises, rest periods might be longer, ranging from 2-5 minutes, to fully recover between sets and maintain performance. For endurance or less intense exercises, the rest might be shorter, around 1-2 minutes, to keep the heart rate up and emphasize conditioning.

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4 months ago

Como es posible que el menciona sobre hacer solo 2 series por ejercicio y 2 ejercicos por musculo y aquí menciones que hace hasta 5 sets por ejercicio? 🤔

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