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(Baker) Gym Reaper’s Workout Routine – Strength Focused

Mid workout photo during Gym Reaper's Workout Routine

Welcome to Baker – The Gym Reaper’s Workout Routine, where we detail His workout and methods! Check out our highlighted workouts:

  • (Baker)The Gym Reaper’s Strength Chest Workout
  • (Baker) The Gym Reaper’s Strength Arms Workout
  • (Baker) The Gym Reaper’s Strength Back Workout
  • (Baker) The Gym Reaper’s Strength Shoulder Workout

About Baker – The Gym Reaper’s Program

Baker follows a 5-day split routine, with an emphasis on Chest, Arms, Back, Shoulders.

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Baker’s Chest Workout

Barbell Bench Press5 sets4-6 reps
Incline Barbell Bench Press4 sets6-8 reps
Decline Dumbbell Press4 sets6-8 reps
Chest Fly Machine3 sets10-12 reps

Baker’s Back Workout

Deadlift5 sets3-5 reps
Barbell Rows4 sets6-8 reps
Lat Pull-Down4 sets8-10 reps
Seated Cable Row3 sets10-12 reps

Baker’s Leg Workout

Barbell Squats5 sets4-6 reps
Leg Press4 sets6-10 reps
Leg Curls4 sets8-12 reps
Calf Raises4 sets10-15 reps

Baker’s Arm Workout

Barbell Curl4 sets6-8 reps
Hammer Curls3 sets8-10 reps
Rope Pushdown4 sets8-10 reps
Skull Crushers3 sets10-12 reps

What To Expect From This Program

Baker The Gym Reaper’s program is tailored for the serious strength athlete, focusing on building massive strength and muscle.

Expect intense sessions that include heavy compound movements like Deadlifts and Barbell Squats, designed to challenge even the most advanced lifters.

This program, ideal for experienced lifters and strongmen, employs a split that targets each major muscle group with a blend of heavy lifting and volume training.

You’ll engage in a regimented routine that progressively increases in intensity, cultivating phenomenal power and muscular endurance.

Reflecting Baker’s own ethos of pushing limits and relentless progress, the program incorporates strategic rest and recovery to ensure optimal performance.

Prepare to embark on a journey that not only transforms your physique but also empowers you with extraordinary strength and resilience, similar to the imposing stature and capabilities of The Gym Reaper himself.

Common Questions

Is This Program Suitable for Beginners?

No, The Gym Reaper’s program is designed for experienced lifters and strongmen, focusing on heavy and intense workouts.

How Often Does The Gym Reaper Train?

The Gym Reaper trains with a high frequency, often hitting the gym multiple times a week with a focus on different muscle groups each session.

What Are The Gym Reaper’s Exercises

Signature exercises include Deadlifts, Barbell Squats, and Heavy Compound Lifts, reflecting his focus on building strength and mass.

Does The Gym Reaper Do Cardio?

Cardio is not a primary focus, but it may be included for overall fitness and conditioning.

What Diet Does The Gym Reaper Follow?

His diet includes a high protein intake, with a focus on whole foods to support his intense training regimen.

How Long Are The Gym Reaper’s Workouts?

Workouts are typically lengthy and intense, often lasting over 2 hours, to accommodate heavy lifting and volume training.

How Many Reps Does The Gym Reaper Do?

Reps in The Gym Reaper’s program vary depending on the exercise, but they often range from low (4-6) for heavy compound lifts to higher (10-15) for isolation exercises.

How Many Sets Are Included in The Gym Reaper’s Workouts?

Workouts generally include multiple sets per exercise, typically ranging from 3 to 5 sets, emphasizing both intensity and volume.

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