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How To Get Bigger Arms In A Week – Simple & Easy!

Strength and visibility make the Arms the most noticeable muscle group in one’s physique.

Therefore, cultivating sleeve-filling Arms is crucial for creating the impression of a muscular build.

However, prior to exploring optimal Arm-growth exercises, understanding Arm anatomy is essential to effectively train them for development.

Arms Anatomy:

The arm has two main muscle groups: the Biceps and the Triceps.

The Biceps

picture of person doing bicep curls for large arms

The Biceps or Biceps Brachii is a two-headed muscle that origin from under the deltoid and insert below the elbow.

The basic function of the Biceps is to lift and curl the arm. Also, another function of the Biceps is to pronate the wrist.

The Biceps has two main head, the short head, and the long head. Also, another muscle group of the Biceps is Brachialis or the outer head of the Biceps.

The Triceps

picture of person doing tricep pushdowns for larger more aesthetic arms

The Triceps or Triceps Brachii is a three-headed muscle group that works in opposition to the biceps.

It is also originating from under the deltoid and inserting below the elbow.

The basic function of the triceps is to straighten the arms and supinate the wrist.

As it name apply, the triceps has 3 main heads: the long head, the lateral head, and the medial head.

Now, after this brief anatomy lesson, let’s move to the fun part, the keys to develop sleeve-busting Arms.

So, what are the best exercises to gain Arm size?

As we already established, in order to gain size in your Arms you will need to work both Biceps and Triceps. Here are the best exercises for bigger arms!

The Best Biceps Exercises:

1-Barbell Curl:

arnold performing a barbell curl hitting the arms

This is the most basic Biceps exercise. It will target all your Biceps heads evenly and it will allow for increasing poundages and implementing progressive overload.

2-Hammer Curls:

Picture of someone doing hammer curls for more aesthetic and developed arms

This exercise focuses on the Biceps brachii. The Brachialis, resembling a golf ball, nestles between the biceps and triceps. While every elbow-flexing motion engages it, the brachialis can hinder progress if not adequately targeted. Concentrating on the Brachialis enhances the arms’ frontal thickness.

3-Incline Dumbbell Curls:

person doing dumbbell curls on incline bench for long head of the bicep

Due to improper execution, the long head of the Biceps is often a weak link for most bodybuilders. This head is optimally targeted when your elbows are behind the torso. The best exercise to target the long head of the Biceps is Incline dumbbell curls. Including this will tremendously improve your Biceps.

4-Preacher Curls:

Person doing preacher curls for the short head of the bicep

This targets the range’s initial segment, adding bulk to the lower biceps area. Preacher curls also reduce cheating, thereby applying increased stress directly on the biceps, leading to enhanced growth for the arms.

5-Concentration Curls:

Picture of person with large and aesthetic arms

Desiring mountainous Biceps entails focusing on enhancing the Biceps peak. In my view, concentration curls excel in this regard. They were Arnold’s preferred exercise for Biceps peak development, and it’s widely acknowledged that his Biceps ranked among the finest in bodybuilding history.

The Best Triceps Exercises:

1-Close Grip Bench Press:

Person achieving larger arms doing close grip bench

The Close-Grip Bench Press stands as the primary Triceps muscle enhancer. Disregard Pressdowns and other machine workouts; without this, significant Triceps development remains elusive. This exercise permits heavy weight utilization and progressive overload, exerting substantial stress on the Triceps. It’s the beneficial stress that fosters muscle expansion.

2-Overhead Triceps Extensions:

Person doing overhead tricep extensions for the long head of the tricep leading to bigger arms

These target the Triceps’ long head, often overlooked. Enhancing this part results in a robust appearance from behind and broadens the Arms. In this exercise, prioritize maximum stretching instead of merely hoisting heavy weights. My preference leans towards the cable version rather than the dumbbell method for this workout.

3-Skull Crushers:

Although the exercise’s name sounds intimidating, correct execution won’t harm your Skull. Rather, it effectively enlarges the Triceps’ lateral segment, distinctively among exercises. This largest of the three heads, when adequately cultivated, bestows the coveted horseshoe-shaped Triceps appearance. Emphasize technique over weight. Ensure complete motion scope and focus keenly on elbow positioning.

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