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Fix Square Butt – How To Turn A Square Butt into Round Glutes

How to fix square butt guide, turning a square butt into round glutes

Many women strive for a ‘bubble’ butt, characterized by round glutes.

Yet, our natural glute genetics play a significant role in determining the shape of our buttocks.

Among various shapes, square butts are frequently a topic of interest and inquiry.

square glute shape, square bum, square butt - Aaron Schiavone personal trainer

Glutes with a square shape often display slight sagging at the lower part and accumulate extra fat around the upper glutes, hips, and lower belly, commonly referred to as ‘muffin top.’

Many women, celebrating their unique body beauty, inquire about transforming their square glutes into a more rounded, peach-like shape.

Extensive research on the internet preludes this writing, examining various recommendations for this specific aim.

There’s a vast amount of misleading information across websites and blogs about developing rounder glutes. Believe in my advice: much of it leads nowhere!

Now, let’s explore the most effective exercises and strategies to reshape square glutes into round, peachy ones.

transformation from a square butt to a rounder more appealing butt

Fix Square Butt Building Nutrition

To effectively address your square buttocks, nutrition must be prioritized. Without proper dietary adjustments, the efficacy of glute-enhancing exercises is limited.

This piece thoroughly explores the nutritional aspects necessary for developing the glutes.

For muscle construction, including transforming square buttocks into rounded ones, an adequate intake of calories and protein is essential.

Fixing A Square Butt: A Two Step Process

Step One

To develop new muscle, it’s vital to be in a calorie surplus and maintain a high-protein diet.

I suggest working on your glutes 3-4 times weekly for at least 3 months to notice changes in shape and size. However, achieving a great glute shape might require years of consistent effort.

Remember, without proper nutrition, your glutes won’t grow or change shape.

Step Two: Fat Loss Phase

After building your glutes to a satisfactory size and shape, we can address the muffin top.

Fat loss involves a calorie deficit while maintaining a high-protein diet to burn fat and preserve muscle.

A combination of a sensible diet, weight training, and moderate cardio can reduce fat around the top of the glutes and elsewhere, as spot reduction isn’t possible. This approach will diminish the square shape and enhance the roundness of the glutes.

The duration of the dieting phase can vary, typically ranging from 4-12 weeks, depending on your starting point.

I recommend a gradual approach with a moderate calorie deficit of about 10% to preserve muscle and strength.

During both the muscle-building and fat loss phases, your training should remain consistent:

  • Lift heavy weights,
  • Maintain strength levels (a decrease in strength can indicate muscle loss and an excessively strict diet).

For more information, read this article on Progressive Overload – essential for muscle growth.

Cardio should be used selectively for fitness or as needed. Note that cardio alone won’t build glutes, so avoid over-relying on exercises like stairmaster kickbacks.

Exercises For Rounder Glutes

To lift your bum, you should train all the glute muscles from all angles, but with square-shaped glutes, we want more focus on the gluteus medius – the lateral muscles that sit higher on your bum, closer to your waist and are responsible for the abduction of the leg.

Your Go-To lifts will always be your priority; no matter what you want your glutes to look like, these are your bread and butter:

Hip Thrusts – Barbell, banded, foot elevated, machine, single leg.

Glute Bridges – Barbell, banded, single leg.

Deadlifts – Sumo, Conventional, Romanian.

Squats – Back, Front, Sumo, Goblet, Split.

Lunges – Static, Deficit, Walking.

Abductions – Machine, Fire hydrants, Cable, German etc.


Exercises For Square Glutes

A strong gluteus medius sculpts, lifts, and provides protection from chronic back pain. Therefore, exercises that build them are important for everyday health and pain-free living, not just a round-shaped bum.

The gluteus medius runs along the side of your glutes and outer thigh (see image above) and can be difficult to target with squats and deadlifts.

We need exercises that isolate the gluteus medius to grow your upper glutes.

The Extra Range Side- Lying Hip Abduction is the quickest and easiest way to get started.

Extra Range Side – Lying Hip Abduction

You can make this harder by adding ankle weights, bands or cables but they are pretty spicy on their own. Remember to always keep your hips facing forward; don’t allow the top hip to externally rotate or you won’t target your gluteus medius as effectively.

Machine Hip Abduction

If your gym has one (which almost every gym does) then the Machine Hip Abduction is a fantastic bit of kit when done properly for targeting the gluteus medius and helping to lift the glutes and make them appear rounder.

gif of hip adductor machine for glutes

I love to have my clients do this machine using pause reps where you have to hold your legs open for 1-3 seconds against the weight to really achieve that glute pump and intense burn.

Deficit Curtsy Lunges

gif showing curtsy lunge for glutes exercise

A great addition to any leg day is the Curtsy Lunge. It’s a great exercise to target the glute max, gluteus medius and quads and to help pump up those glutes to get those round glutes.

Glute Dominant Back Extension

One of my favourite exercises to target the glutes and hamstrings is the Glute Dominant Back Extension. Hitting the hamstrings will help you lift and shape the lower glutes while this move also hits the gluteus medius and, of course, the all-important glute max.

gif on square butt glute backextension exercise

You need to focus on rounding the upper back, tucking in your chin and pulling with your glutes and not your back. Using a penguin stance (heels together, feet pointing out) hits the glutes hard!

A Great Finisher

A great finisher for helping turn square-shaped glutes into round glutes is Banded Seated Hip Abductions.

By the time we get to the end of a workout, we’ve hit the muscles with big compound exercises and heavy weights, so it’s fine to finish with a few banded exercises to get that final booty pump.

For women with more square glutes, this exercise and variations of it are a go-to for me and my clients.

Final Thoughts…..

This list isn’t exhaustive, but these exercises are excellent for enhancing glutes, especially if you’re aiming to transform square-shaped glutes into a rounder appearance.

However, it’s crucial to remember that complete transformation of your glutes isn’t possible. Genetics determine your natural glute shape; the goal is to improve upon what you have and embrace your unique features.

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