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How To Build Lower Glute Shelf Effectively

tiktok of how I built my lower glutes shelf

Enhancing your lower glutes, also termed as the under butt/booty, is a popular aim for many striving for a larger, more attractive backside. This is particularly true for those with smaller gluteal muscles or those concerned about sagging.

Focusing on lower glute workouts can add to a fuller, uplifted, and more rounded butt appearance.

If your lower glute seem underdeveloped compared to your legs and upper glutes, then these glute exercises and tips are tailored for you.

The primary muscles targeted here are the Gluteus Maximus and Hamstrings.

What is the Under Butt?

Contrary to popular social media beliefs, the under butt/booty isn’t a distinct muscle but a part of the glute max, particularly its lower fibers, and the hamstrings.

While the glute max is a single muscle, emphasizing its lower part can lead to growth.

Exercises To Build Your Lower Glutes:

There are no secret moves you haven’t already encountered for building your lower glute.

The foundation lies in basic, big compound exercises.

  • Romanian Deadlifts
    • gif on building lower glute shelf rdl exercise
    • Great for overall glute development, including the lower part. It’s about hinging at the hips with a barbell, really hitting those glutes.
  • Single Leg RDL’s
    • gif on how to build lower glutes rdl exercise
    • This one-leg version puts more emphasis on each side of your glutes, ensuring the lower part gets good work.
  • Good mornings
    • gif on building lower glutes with good morning exercise
    • : Mainly hits your lower back but also gets into the lower glutes, especially when you focus on the hip hinge movement.
  • B-Stance RDL
    • gif exercise on developing glutes b stance rdl exercise
    • A hybrid that allows more focus on the glutes, particularly the lower part, since one leg is doing most of the work while the other offers balance.

My top picks for engaging the entire posterior chain, especially the hamstrings and glute. RDL’s are a must for anyone looking to lift and grow their bum.

These offer high glute activation. To focus on the glutes, position your feet at 45 degrees and round your back, which isolates the glutes and hamstrings. Hip Hinge/Thrust Exercises Hip Thrusts

Accessory Lower Glute Exercises

Predictable yet effective! Hip Thrusts work on the entire glute, especially the lower fibers. Variations include Glute Bridges, Banded Hip Thrusts, and Feet Elevated Hip Thrust, among others, to target your lower glutes. Squat/Lunge Exercises Squats and Lunges

Adding a deficit allows a greater stretch in the glute, making it a top exercise for lower glute development. Use Smith Machine for stability or dumbbells for these lunges. Bulgarian Split Squats

Incorporating a forward lean transforms them into an excellent lower glute exercise. Embrace the challenge for effective glute development.

Step-Ups activate the glutes significantly, especially with higher steps to maximize the stretch in the lower glutes.

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