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Bradley Martyn’s Workout Routine – The Routine To Achieve Bradley’s Physique!

picture of Bradley Martyn's physique before and after!

Welcome to Bradley Martyn’s Muscle-Building Program, where we detail his workout and methods! Check out our highlighted workouts:

  • Bradley Martyn’s Back Workout
  • Bradley Martyn’s Chest Workout
  • Bradley Martyn’s Leg Workout
  • Bradley Martyn’s Arms Workout
  • Bradley Martyn’s Shoulder Workout

About Bradley Martyn’s Program

Bradley follows a five-day split routine, focusing on Chest(including shoulders), Back, Legs, Arms, and shoulders, rotating regularly.

Monday – Bradley’s Back Workout

Wide Grip Lat Pulldown310
Dumbbell Row312
Bent Over Barbell Row310

Tuesday – Bradley’s Chest Workout

Incline Bench Press310
Barbell Bench Press310
Machine Chest Press38
Weighted Push-Ups312

Wednesday – Bradley’s Leg Workout

Front Rack Lunge38
Leg Extensions312
Lunges With Dumbbells312

Thursday – Bradley’s Arms Workout

Close-Grip Barbell Bench Press38
Strict Bicep Curls310
Seated Cable Curls310
Seated Overhead Triceps Extension310
Standing Barbell Curls

Friday – Bradley’s Shoulder Workout

Dumbbell Press310
Dumbbell Lateral Raise312
Front Raise310
Cable Face Pulls310

Bradley Martyn’s workout routine is more than just a series of exercises; it’s a holistic approach to fitness, combining expert training, nutrition, and supplementation. Adopting his methods can lead to significant growth and a shredded aesthetic.

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What To Expect From This Program

Bradley Martyn’s workout routine is known for its focus on building muscle and strength with a balance of heavy lifting and controlled isolation exercises.

His routine typically involves moderate weights, with reps at 80 to 90% of his max, aiming for high reps.

His exercises include a mix of compound and isolation movements, such as bench presses, squats, deadlifts, and various dumbbell and machine exercises.

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