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Amanda Nunes Workout Routine – Achieve Amanda’s Physique!

Physique of Amanda Nunes Workout Routine

Welcome to Amanda Nunes Workout Routine, where we detail Her workout and methods! Check out our highlighted workouts:

  • Amanda Nunes’s fighting Shoulders Workout
  • Amanda Nunes’s fighting Chest Workout
  • Amanda Nunes’s fighting Abs Workout
  • Amanda Nunes’s fighting Back Workout

About Amanda Nunes’ Program

Amanda Nunes’ daily workout routine is divided into two main sessions per day, focusing on Shoulders, Chest, Abs, Back

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Amanda’s Mixed Martial Arts Workout

Weight Lifting (Compound Movements)5 sets10 reps
Sled Drag4 setsAcross gym floor
MMA SparringVaries5-10 min rounds
Agility Training3 setsVarious drills
Wrestling PracticeVaries5-10 min rounds
Cardio – Morning Runs1 setUntil tired

UFC Amanda Nunes Fighting Routine

What To Expect From This Program

This program pulls no punches, mirroring the intensity and ferocity of Amanda Nunes herself. Expect a regimen that pushes you to your limits with dynamic exercises like weight lifting and sled drags, aimed at building your overall strength and stamina.

Suitable for those who aim to condition their body for high-performance activities, this workout incorporates MMA training, agility drills, and wrestling—perfect for anyone looking to develop a fighter’s reflexes and resilience. The structure is rigorous, with workouts designed to simulate the demanding pace of an MMA fight.

By embracing this routine, you’re not just training your body, but also your mind, forging the unyielding spirit seen in champions like Nunes. Prepare for a transformation that goes beyond physical boundaries, cultivating not only muscle but also the mental toughness required to face and overcome challenges.

Fighting Workout Routine Amanda Nunes

Common Questions

What’s Amanda Nunes’s typical workout structure?

Amanda Nunes’ workouts typically involve two sessions a day, including compound movements and MMA training. Sets and reps vary based on the focus of the session.

What type of strength training does Amanda Nunes do?

She focuses on functional strength through compound exercises, including deadlifts and sled drags, aimed at building core and overall strength.

How frequently does Amanda Nunes train?

Amanda Nunes trains five days a week, often twice a day, focusing on both strength and MMA-specific skills.

Does Amanda Nunes include cardio in her training?

Yes, her cardio routine typically involves morning runs, maintaining a moderate pace until exhaustion.

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