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Progressive Overload App

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Best Rated Progressive Overload App

pumpx main screen
workouts library

Get access to our workouts library

The ultimate collection crafted by world-class gym trainers. Each library workout has an instruction with number of sets and reps for each exercise.

pumpx workout library
custom workouts & exercises

Create your own workouts

Create your exercises, specify muscles affected in each exercise and combine your exercises into your own workouts.

pumpx create your own workout or exercises

Analyze your progress

Find out which muscles are overtrained or undertrained, best progressing exercises, least progressing exercises and more.

PumpX Analytics

Track your measurements

Keep track of your body weight and individual body part measurements to effectively gauge your progress. Body measurements are a key factor in measuring progress.

PumpX Body Measurements
pumpx analytics
― Keep track of your lifting progress

Log weights

With PumpX, logging your weights and tracking your progress has never been easier. Our intuitive interface allows you to easily input and store all of your lift data, making it simple to see how much you’ve improved over time.

― Analyze and optimize your training

Analyze workouts

PumpX helps you optimize your training by identifying areas of weakness, such as underused muscles or overused muscles, determining which exercises are most effective or least effective.

This enables you to make informed decisions and accelerate progress towards your goals.

― Track your visual transformation

Body measures

As you focus on improving your physical strength and fitness, don’t forget about the visual component of your progress. It’s important to track your body measurements in order to see the full picture of your transformation.

PumpX can help you do this, making it easy to track and monitor your measurements as you work towards your goals.

How to start

Getting started


Step 1

Add workout to ‘My Workouts’.

Either create your own workout and add exercises to it or use our library of crafted workouts. Once you have workouts on ‘My Workouts’ page you can start tracking.


Step 2

Log values for each exercise.

Log the weight you lift during your workout. We suggest you to record the maximum weight or your working weight for the particular exercise.
You can also log the number of repetitions or the time spent on exercises where you want to track time or reps (like Plank for example).


Step 3

Analyze your data.

Pay attention to ‘Overall Weight Progress Chart’ that can help you identify when you hit plateau, check you most and least loaded muscles, best and worst progressing exercises or measurements.

unique fitness app

What makes PumpX different from other apps?

Time is money

We don’t want you to have to constantly check your phone during each repetition of an exercise. You only need to log a new value when you update your maximum or working weight. Focus on your technique, rather than constantly checking your phone.

Unique analytics

PumpX’s exercises include a list of muscles worked, allowing the app to identify which muscles are being used the most and the least. This can help prevent overtraining and help you reach your muscle growth goals faster.

Full customization

Want to create your own workout or exercise with your own set of targeted muscles? Not a problem, you can do this in the app. You can also add or delete exercises to/from the existing workouts. The history is also editable so don’t worry if you accidentally added the wrong value.

Body measurements

In addition to tracking your progress in weight lifting, the app also has the capability to track your body measurements. This combination of features allows you to not only monitor your progress through weight numbers, but also see the visual changes in your body.

PumpX is for everyone

They enjoy PumpX

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Getting started

Once you open the app you see the ‘My Workouts’ page. This is your main page where you store all your active workouts. By workout, we mean one training session. For example, it could be ‘Monday Workout’, ‘Wednesday Workout’, etc.
You can start by creating a workout yourself or use our workouts library to add a ready training program consisting of several workouts. The workout from the library already contains exercises, however, if you create your own workout you will need to add exercises yourself.

Logging values

PumpX is your go-to progressive overload app. Once you add exercises to the workouts you can log your initial value for each exercise. This could be your current working weight or maximum weight for each particular exercise, it depends on what you want to track.
For exercises like Plank where you don’t want to track lifting weights, you can use the Time/Reps metric (for example – if you currently can stand 2 minutes in plank you can log 2 min/rep value).

Progressive overload process

After you logged the initial values you can go to the gym and just log new values once your working weight or maximum weight got increased or decreased. Keep track of your progress, by looking at the progress charts on each exercise. Increase the weight that you lift in the exercise if you see that you are exercising with the same weight for a long time. That way you’ll keep stressing the muscles and they will respond with growth πŸ’ͺ.

This approach doesn’t force you to be constantly on the phone updating values for each repetition in the gym.

If you logged an incorrect value for the exercise or measurements you can open the exercise or measurement and scroll down to see the History section. Here you can just swipe the incorrect value to the left and delete it.

Some exercises are measured in the number of reps or duration.
For example ‘Plank’ – this exercise is mostly measured in time. Or ‘Pull Up’ – this exercise is mostly measured in the number of reps. For such exercises, you need to choose Time/Reps when you create an exercise. Or you can choose the library version of the exercise where we preselected this option for you.

PumpX PRO is the ultimate PumpX experience. In general, more advanced features are reserved for paid users of PumpX.

Features of PumpX PRO

Access to PRO Workout plans
Access to Analytics screen where you can see your most and least loaded muscles, overall weight progress chart which can help you identify early signs of a plateau, best and worst progressing exercises and more.
Ability to store more than 3 workouts on the ‘My Workouts’ page.

Support Independent Developers

Creating an app requires a significant amount of work and dedication, and we are grateful for your support πŸ™.
It’s important to note that your workout history will always remain accessible, regardless of whether you use the free or paid version of PumpX.
You can purchase PumpX PRO via In App Purchase on the App Store. Prices may vary between regions.

If you need to delete an exercise from the workout just swipe the exercise to the left and hit the delete button. Same for exercise or body measurement history, swipe the history element to the left and hit the delete button.

You can always send us a message via the website contact form. We will be happy to help you!


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